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     The current resurgence of Islam is a varied, often chaotic set of responses to centuries of decline, weakness and foreign domination.

      It's also often inspired by the belief that Islam alone can restore the greatness of the past, and provide valid model for the future; that foreign models, be they Western liberal democracy or Soviet communism, have failed the Muslim world.

     Meet and listen to some of the most important groups and thinkers in the vanguard of the current resurgence, and at the Islamic order they would like to create.

People interviewed in this program: Kemal Faruki, Kurshid Ahmed, Fuad Zakaria, Muhammad Sakr, Hasan al Turabi, Sa'ad Ibrahim, Maha Salah, Abdullah Omar Naseek, Kamal Hassan, Anwar Ibrahim, Sa'ad Ibrahim, Anis Ahmed, Mian Tufayl, Fathi Osman, Muhammad Sakr


A Complete Way of Life

The Five Pillars of Islam

Muhammad and His Heirs

The Rise & Fall of the Caliphate

The Magnificent Heritage

Decay or Rebirth?

Ismail & Isaac

Resurgent Islam Today

Voices of the Resurgence

The Immigrant Experience

Black Muslims

The Other Face of Eve

Whither Islam?


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