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     Like Christians and Jews, Muslims believe in one God. However, there are certain fundamental differences. Muslims do not accept that Jesus was the Son of God. For Muslims, Jesus was one in a long line of Prophets that began with Adam, Abraham and Moses, and to whom God revealed parts of his Message. The final Revelation came to Muhammad, a happily married businessman, living in the Western Arabian city of Makkah in the late seventh century.

     For Muslims, none of the Prophets, including Muhammad, are divine because God is One and Indivisible.

     This is summarized in the doctrine of Tawhid.

Muslims believe that Islam offers them guidelines for every aspect of individual and communal life to a greater extent than either Christianity or Judaism.

     From the Qur'an, or 'Word of God', as revealed to Muhammad, and the practice and sayings of Muhammad's life, known as the SUNNA, Muslims can find precise instructions on almost every detail of life, from political or economic theory down to the way one should eat, sleep or dress.

     What does being a Muslim means in one's everyday life? What are the FIVE PILLARS OF ISLAM?

People interviewed in this program: Anwar Harjono, Omar Kah, Sami al-Angawi, Khalid Malik, Kamel al-Sharif, Shakir Mahmoud, Selwa Abdullah, Ruhi Malik, Kamaruddin Noor, Sami al-Angawi, Aziz Abraham, Sam Hassan, Riffat Malik, Agha & Rizwana Ghias.



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