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     Much of today's world is strongly influenced by Western ideas and values, in short, by Western civilization and culture.

However, we in the West draw much of our intellectual and cultural heritage from a once-mighty Islamic civilization. Between the seventh and fifteenth centuries,this Islamic civilization dominated the intellectual and cultural forms and values of much of the then-known world, from Spain to India, from Sicily to Samarkand.

     The West is largely ignorant of this magnificent Islamic civilization and our indebtedness to it. But, as we shall discover in this program, Islamic civilization was and is much more than the mosque or the arabesque.

People interviewed in this program: Leila al-Ibrahim, Naseer David Khali, Anis Ahmed, Melikan-Cirvani, Ahmed Mustafa, Ahmed Bokhari, Abdus Salam, Hamid Enayat, Abdus Salam, Ziauddin Sardar



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