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     For most Americans the term 'Black Muslims' probably brings back memories of hot, violent summers in Detroit, Chicago or New York; and also of fear of militant Black nationalism, all somehow linked to Islam. In this program we're going to take a closer look at this 'Black Islam' and the various movements it nurtured

  -How does it differ from the orthodox Sunni Islam of the rest of the Muslim world?

 -Do Afro-American Muslims still breathe the  revolutionary doctrines of Black separatism?

        -Are White men still devils?

        -What has happened to the Nation of Islam since the death of its          leader Elijah Muhammad in 1975?

        -Where does Malcolm X fit in to the picture?

People interviewed in this program: Hisham Jaaber, Askia Muhammad, Minister Don X, C. Eric Lincoln, Abdul Malik Hasan, Shakir Mahmoud, Rebecca 5X Thompson, Akbar Muhammad, Najumah Abdul Mateen, Asim, Eric Jackson Karim, Khalil Abdul Alim, Rahimah Muhammad, Karim Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan

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