The following programs are available for broadcast:

Apna Street is a grand epic of the brave struggles of some of India's poorest yet most empowered inhabitabts. Monsoon is about living through the Monsoon on the banks of the Ganges.
Passages to India consists of ten 1-hour programs which hold the keys to understanding this vast country. Life in an India Village is a compilation of many pieces about life in Indian villages.
Calcutta is a series of six programs which talk about the city and its inhabitants The Environment in India tells six stories about environmental concerns in India.

Winnetou and Old Shatterhand tells the story of German author Karl May, and how the America of his imagination became the America Europe still remembers. Berlin Quintet is five pieces detailing the history of Berlin from the city's fall in World War II to the effects of the famous Berlin Wall.

World of Islam presents information about the history and development of Islam in the voices of muslims. Islam in North Africa talks about the nature of Islamic faith and politics in Northern Africa


For Non-commercial Radio Stations

Stations may excerpt segments from the documentaries if attribution is made to IBA.

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