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Apna Street is a series of stories about the efforts of a group of women and men, who live on the pavements of Byculla in Mumbai (Bombay), India to achieve their dream - a real Pucca house of their own. The series reflects the intensity and richness of the lives of these remarkable people.

The series was produced and narrated by Julian Crandall Hollick. He has been a columnist for The Hindu (Madras) and The Times of India. He is a documentary producer for National Public Radio and BBC Radio 4. Apna Street , Julian's series about the homeless in Bombay, was broadcast in Spring 1995 and throughout 1997 and 1998 and again in 2002 with a series on the Sadak Chhap (Street boys) on NPR's Weekend Edition-Sunday.  The original theme music was composed by L. Subramaniam

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