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29. Dhaurinagar           
Dhaurinagar is a rabbit-warren of a slum on the main road in from the airport. They have invited Jockin's National Slum Dwellers' Federation to come help them organize into a local Mahila Milan: today, the NSDF team show the volunteers from Dhaurinagar how to conduct a house survey, in an effort to persuade the menfolk that a large part of the solution may well lie with their women.

30. Demolition on 14th Gulli          
Unofficially, the city and the women of Mahila Milan are allies. They have a shared interest in solving the problem of living on the pavement. But occasionally, an overzealous government official, out to score points, comes through with his bulldozers and destroys a decade of trust and relationships in one short hour.

31. A House of Our Own         
The women still don't have houses of their own. They live on the street in Byculla. They've helped others achieve their dream. But they're not worried for themselves. As Laxmi says: "We've already won the battle: changing our minds!"

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