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9. Bali Bahadur Thapa         
Bali is your typical Bombay street kid. He ran away from home in Nepal after a fight with his father and ended up in Bombay at the age of eleven.Now eighteen, his itinerary has taken him everywhere and everything, from working in an upper-class apartment to serving a term in prison for theft. An incurable romantic, Bali still dreams of learning to drive a taxi and returning to his village in Nepal one day, to live it up in style.

10. The Barefoot Doctor       
When kids run away to Bombay they are alone, hungry, and often sick. Dinesh watched how adults treated the most common ailments, made his own medical kit, and now spends several mornings a week on the platform of Dadar station, applying basic health care to new and frightened arrivals to the city.

11. Bali and Badsha  
Street kids are free spirits, who flee from any sort of organization. But in the past few years, Sadak Chaap has become a highly disciplined, almost responsible organization with a core nucleus of almost eighty street kids, who've really started to turn their lives, and those of the other 4,000 members of the organization, right around. How did they do it? A fortuitous combination of a bureaucrat's decision and the arrival of a cook.

12. Evening Classes   
If you try and force a street kid to return to school, or to become literate, they'll usually disappoint you. But when Jesus Ratnam, a political science graduate from Hyderabad, needed a place to sleep while he tried to get medical help for his polio, the street kids decided to a deal: we'll feed you and shelter you if you teach us the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

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