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5. Remembering Munni         
Julian first came to Byculla in October, 1986. He doesn't remember why. Maybe it was just out of curiosity? Today, a chance meeting in the rain on Apna St. brings back unexpected memories of Munni, a young pavement dweller whom Julian first met in 1986, and who died tragically young.

6. And We Call Ourselves Mahila Milan          
In 1985, a year before Julian first met them, a small group of pavement dwellers in Byculla decided they'd had enough of seeing their huts demolished every other week by city authorities. They desperately wanted homes of their own. 
Individually, they were powerless. But together, they might be able to do something. So they decided to join together to form their own organization. And they called it Mahila Milan, or women coming together.

7. Ragpicking on Malabar Hill          
In Bombay, everything-- or almost everything-- gets recycled, often by street kids. Today we accompany Nawaz and Jackie Chan as they look for paper,metal, glass, and more in the exclusive Malabar Hill neighborhood at 5 A.M.

8. Sadak Chhap          CD   MP3
Sadak Chaap, or Beat on the Street, was founded as a counterpart to the pavement dweller's organization. In the newly-constructed night shelter near Churchgate Station, while some of the street kids are improvising a musical evening with pots and pans, Jockin and Celine D'Cruz set out a radically different philosophy how we should help street children to make something of their lives, but on their own terms and according to their own, not our, values.


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