The Artists of Ram Bhagan

Contrast their declining fortunes with THE ARTISTS OF RAM BHAGAN , a slum in North Kolkata that historically was the centre of the city's Red Light district, where both the British and the Bengalis kept their mistresses and nautch girls. But today, thanks to the efforst of the Ramakrishna mission, the inhabitants of Ram Bhagan are world-famous as craftsmen, painters and musicians. From their earnings abroad they have transformed their slum into a clean, compact community of brick houses.


Portrait of its 300th Birthday

Santala The Rickshaw Wallah

Jack Preger - Street Doctor

The Sparrow's of Tollygunje


Durga Puja

Tribute to Shantidev Ghosh

Satyajit Ray

The Artists of Ram Bhagan

Shantidev Ghosh Sings Rabindrasangit

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