The film maker SATYAJIT RAY, also studied in Santiniketan and hated it. Ray's first job in film was as assistant to Jean Renoir on "The River" in 1950. But he first came to the world's attention when "Pather Panchali" won the Special Prize at the 1956 Cannes film festival. From then until his honorary Hollywood Oscar in March 1992, just before his death, Ray made over thirty more films, many of them acknowledged masterpieces in world cinema.



Portrait of Calcutta

Santalal The Rickshaw Wallah

Jack Preger - Street Doctor

The Sparrows of Tollygunje


Durga Puja

Tribute to Shantidev Ghosh

Satyajit Ray

The Artists of Ram Bhagan

Shantidev Ghosh Sings Rabindrasangit

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