Passages to India


The series was created and produced by Julian Crandall Hollick

Written and produced by Julian Crandall Hollick and Dean Cappello.

Associate producers in India were Rana Behal, Raja Chatterjee and Rajasekaran.

The theme and other original music was composed and performed by Shubha Sankaran.

Consultants include: AK Ramanujan, Wendy Doniger, Lloyd and Susanne Rudolph, Philip Oldenburg, David Lelyveld, Mim Binford, Keshav Kothari, Veena Talwar Oldenburg, Ashis Nandy, TN Madan and Chidenananda das Gupta.

The curriculum was written by Marilyn Turkovich, in conjunction with Judy Mitchell-Miller of Pattonville High School (St. Louis), Peggy Mueller and Sarah Lane (Chicago), and teachers in Missouri, New York and Massachusetts.

The series is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.





1: Kaleidoscope of Cultures

2: The Presence of the Past

3: Puja: Darsan Dena, Darsan Lena

4: Biryani & Plum Pudding

5: Vedas, Ragas, & Storytellers

6: In Search of Filmwallahs

7: Praneshacharya's Dilemma

8: Sita, Speak!

9: Swadeshi: The Quest for Self-reliance

10: Ram Rajya: In Search of Democracy

Credits and Awards

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