Julian Crandall Hollick
senior producer

Julian in his garden

          Julian is an award-winning producer and writer of radio documentaries about Islam and Asia, including The World of Islam (1981-84), Passages to India (1985-89), Letters from Jitvapur (1991-92), Apna Street (1994-96), Monsoon (1997) and Sadak Chhap (2002). With over twenty years experience reporting on international affairs and producing radio for NPR and the BBC, he has previously been awarded numerous grants by the NEH, NSF, Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, Carnegie Corporation, the UNDP and the Massachusetts Cultural Council for his radio programs. ABC's Peter Jennings has called Julian "the person who taught me about Islam", and by countless Indians (at home and abroad) as "the man who knows more about India than we Indians." (Radio Midday, Mumbai)

          "Time is perhaps the most important element in my programs. I try and live for months on end with the people whose stories I want to tell. And return again and again, deepening earlier friendships. The second ingredient is not to look at them through Western eyes. If you ask Western questions you'll get Western answers. Which may be comforting, but tell you absolutely nothing about another culture. And you have to want to know them, to care about them, and treat them as your equals."

          Educated at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques in France (where he also taught), and the London School of Economics (both in International Relations), he has also been a lecturer at the Open University and the University of Ulster, before becoming a print and then radio journalist. He has written on European politics, Islam and India for newspapers, academic journals and magazines, including Smithsonian Magazine and Arabia, throughout the US, Europe, and the Asian and Arab worlds. He is currently working on a new series about how Muslims in a variety of countries actually integrate their faith into their other identities. The series is called Living Islam and will be broadcast nationally, starting in New York City, in Fall 2003.

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