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About the Sadak Chhap story

I woke up this morning to NPR as I always do, in the middle of your Sadak Chhap program. It made my morning a very special one - a positive piece of information in an otherwise sad and depressing world of events. Thank you for your approach towards the chidren. I was one of the many in India who you have referred to who tried to mold street children into templates made up of my values and never understood why they ran away from it. You guys do a very good job and my deepest respect to all but especially Jockin and Celine. I am from Calcutta but have been living in New York since 1993. You make me proud to be an Indian.
-Unni Krishnan

As an Indian in the US, I don't think there's another reporter who covers his subjects with such sensitivity and respect as Mr. Hollick does. He's a treat to listen to and I have often come away learning something new and with tears in my eyes.                            -V.Nagarajan, Seattle WA

...Your beautiful and honest reporting gives me hope: perhaps the solution is finally starting to come from within those cultures. Jockin and Celine respectfully but firmly challenge our thinking about what it is we should want for our fellow human beings, and what in fact it means to live. It is thrilling to learn that they have received important recognition in Asia for their work. Thank you for bringing their work and ideas into my home.
                                -Elizabeth Montgomery

...but whenever I heard that enchanting music, I knew I was in for a treat and stopped whatever I was doing to concentrate on every word. It has been a fascinating journey...
-Marlene Wilson, Oakland CA

Mr Hollick paints wonderful pictures with words...
                               -Annabella Roig, Salt Lake City, UT

...a picture is said to be equal to a thousand words, but Julian's words have human flavors and images a thousand pictures couldn't possibly convey.
                               -Wil Mucus, West Coast

I could see, smell, taste and feel the atmosphere and experience.
                               -Linda Bich-Kieu, Oregon City OR

I believe Julian's work represents some of the best applied anthropolgy I have encountered. In the dynamic, the exchange, between the observer and the observed, both are visibly and admittedly changed. And those who were lucky enough to witness this dance are changed too.
                               -Brett KenCairn, Talen OR

Julian's insightful and quite personal examination of these people is both unsentimental but also inspiring. Frankly, it offers a refreshing balance to so much of our American self-absorption that fills even NPR's regular programming.
                              -J. Miller Adam Colorado Springs, CO

Julian's series on India was excellent. It met my test for buying a book or magazine...does it teach me a new thing? (yes) His series taught me many, many things, connecting my experiences of America with those of the people I saw only distantly on a 1980 trip through Northern India. For a few minutes on Sundays he brought me with him.   
                              -Alan J. Barak, Harrisburg PA


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