Indu Agarwal
research assistant

Indu at home in Juhu, Mumbai

          Indu, a resident of Bombay, India, has worked with Julian Crandall Hollick as Producer and Researcher in the field on Apna Street (1993-1995) and Monsoon (1996-97). She holds degrees in Indian History and Biology from the University of Rajastan, and studied radio at Xavier's College (Bombay) under Julian Crandall Hollick. She is a director of IBA-India, an Indian based charitable organization that uses media to promote local and regional cultures and languages within India. In conjunction with Julian Crandall Hollick and Shebana Coelho, she has adapted for radio the Kannada novel Samskara by U.R. Anantamurhy, to be recorded on location in a South Indian village using surround sound miking and mixing technologies. Indu is now working with SPARC in Mumbai on their multimedia presentations.

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