Global Perspective Maps

WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)  U.S. as seen from Canada WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)   Africa as seen from India WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)  East Europe as seen from West Europe WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)   Southeast Asia as seen from People's Republic of China WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)  North Africa as seen from Mideast WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)  People's Republic of China as seen from Japan WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)   Central Africa as seen from South Africa WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)  Soviet Union as seen from Southeast Asia WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)   Latin America as seen from Cuba WB00955_.GIF (255 bytes)   Mideast as seen from Israel
by Russell H. Lenz, Chief Cartographer of The Christian Science Monitor

Set of 10 Global Perspective Maps Laminated
Each of the 5 laminations contains two maps back to back.
Item# 3012
- only one set available

Set of 10 Global Perspective Maps Card Stock
Each of the 5 card stock sheets contains two maps back to back
Originally $20.00
Reduced Price - now only $15.00

We also have some limited edition of these maps in paper/folded 24" x 36" format.
Call for availability and a price quote - 1-413-549-1293

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